Face Care

To achieve healthy looking skin is not enough remove makeup, dirt and sweat. In addition to this, once or twice a week removes dead skin cells. So the skin will look rejuvenated and more supple. Caring for skin, you can prepare a cleaning scrub and at home. I really like the scrub made from ground coffee beans.


After drinking freshly brewed coffee is coffee grounds, which can be used as a facial peel. I usually dries the grain remained on a flat platter, then folded into a small jar. So scrub can be stored for a long time. To prepare scrub diluted spoonful of ground coffee beans with a spoon of sour cream or yogurt and applied to the face. Massaging the skin with the mixture for 1-2 minutes, then rinse with warm water. After this scrub skin appears moist and tender. Incidentally, this same mixture can be used for body scrub. Instead of sour cream coffee beans can be diluted with cream or body lotion and apply on the skin, massaging the sponge, then rinse with warm water.

The second stage of facial skin care after cleansing facials are. One of the most effective and easy-to-prepare a purifying mask of cosmetic clay. The pharmacy presented a different kind of clay - white, blue, pink, green, etc. Red and white clay is perfect for cleansing combined and mixed skin, blue, green and white - for oily, dry skin - red. To make a mask, it is necessary to mix the clay powder with a small amount of warm water to a consistency of thick cream.

After cleansing the skin well to soothe a refreshing tonic. Tonic remove from the face of the remnants of fat and cleaning agent closes the pores, making the skin will become more smooth and healthy color. The procedure must be toning prodelyvat 2 times a day, morning and evening. Wiping the face tonic in the morning create the perfect base for make-up. The lotion not only invigorate and refresh the skin, but it will dry a little bit, so that makeup will last longer.

Bar Brothers The System

Back muscles are the largest muscle groups of the body. It is they who are responsible for the formation of sport silhouettes - developed upper trapezoid shapes make a powerful and latissimus-developed physique make massive and courageous.

This material combined Bar Brothers The System recommendations on training the back muscles - brief information about the anatomy of the best exercises for the development of different segments of the back, and the most important tips to strengthen the muscles of the spine.

Back muscles can be divided into three segments: the trapezius muscles (upper back), latissimus (middle) and muscle-rectifiers (bottom). Development first gives back massiveness, the second - the width, the third - the stabilization and strengthening of the lumbar area.

Since these muscles are attached to the blades, the most efficient exercises back mean maximum amplitude of their breeding in different planes. The width of the grip while, though important, but secondary to the range of motion of the blades.

Trapezius muscles are located at the top of the back is divided into left and right sides, each of which has a triangular shape. The vertices of the triangle are at the point of attachment of the head and neck, shoulder and the beginning of the middle of the back, tying the muscles together.

The upper part of the trapezius muscle is studied by raising and lowering the arms with weights in his hands ("shrugs"), the middle part - mixing blades together, bottom - dilutions of direct hands (often in the position of lying on the horizontal bar face down).

It is very important to understand that the only way to lose belly again and not get it back, to change our way of life. Miracles can help you maintain a flat stomach for some time, but then go back to old habits, so keep in mind that the tenacity and willpower will be important in this process.

Of course pampering heard 1,000 times, that's pampering you need to eat a balanced diet 0-6 Pack Abs Review with plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish, grains, and finally carbohydrates.
Forget cakes, potato chips, candy, cookies, soft drinks and alcohol (at least in large quantities), they are all responsible for our stomach to grow every day.

Quantity and quality of the case. Learn how to make 5 meals a day, plenty of decreases and increases the quality of body care healthy food and fruit or yogurt for a snack. A proper diet does not mean starving, it is not impossible, and when you see that you start to lose tummy feel great.

Before embarking on a course of treatment based on the administration of drugs to treat acne, it is good to keep in mind some hygienic-behavioral, useful both to prevent acne, is to speed healing when the "disease" is in place.

The skin should always be cleaned gently with mild and slightly aggressive

Avoid excessively cleanse the skin: an excess of cleaning, in fact, remove the thin natural lipid layer that covers the skin, drying the skin and making it more sensitive

Always remove make-up face after makeup
In the case of acne, the hair should stay in contact with the face as less as possible

Do not rub or scratch the pimples, to avoid scarring even permanent

Do not apply creams oily on the face, especially in the presence of acne

These simple measures can be effective in acne of mild to moderate; when symptoms persist, you can take a drug treatment; so much so that in the case of gravity, in the absence of treatments, acne tends to mar the face for 8-10 years. In light of this, it is understandable as it is relevant and intelligent referral to a specialist (dermatologist) when the condition is alarming; also in this case should be emphasized the importance of a dermatological control since the early symptoms, to monitor and control the disease.

Antibiotics: antibiotic treatment for acne is clearly reserved for severe cases and complicated, in addition to those in which the topical application of other specific substances (eg. Retinoids) is particularly complex or ineffective. However, there are some antibiotic formulations to be applied on the skin, especially indicated for patients who do not tolerate antibiotics to take orally.

Antimicrobials: this class of drugs is titrated by benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid, often used in active therapy for acne in place to antibiotics; it has been observed, in fact, that the prolonged administration of antibiotics may develop resistance in the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, so you should take before and antimicrobials, and only then if no decisive effect, antibiotics.

Hormones: hormone therapy for acne is reserved for women and girls; in most cases, patients are treated with a combination therapy: ethinylestradiol and cyproterone acetate (eg. Diane, Dianette). We are talking about oral contraceptives (which must be prescribed by a doctor after careful examination), particularly indicated in the treatment of skin diseases such as acne, hirsutism, seborrhea and alopecia. These drugs, although contraceptives should not be used exclusively for that purpose.

Retinoids: Retinoids are drugs widely used for the treatment of acne; However substances are quite powerful, so they should be used with caution, in full compliance with the prescribed. There are plenty of side effects: taking retinoids, also respecting the dosages, may involve peeling skin and erythema; however, it is good to remember that these side effects tend to regress the period durations of therapy.
It is also important to warn the patient that the first therapeutic effects of the drug are generally observed after a few months of treatment.

 Nature also gives relief to skin affected by pimples: the choice of plants to use is directed towards purifying drugs, anti-inflammatory, cleansing and sanitizing. Burdock, birch, calendula, echinacea, flue and dandelion are just some of the many plants that can exert a viable alternative to traditional efficacy in the therapeutic treatments for acne.

Scheduled to go out from the eternal diet

From when you remember yourself, you are on diet regime! Finally it is time to raise the white flag and make a truce with the food! There are 4 tactics that will help:

Regular No1: he realized that for the size you have your body not only responsible in what you eat

Unfortunately, we elevate the weight in such an important issue that we get obsessed with what we eat and no wonder even for a second about what our relationship with food. The first step is to see the big picture. It is not just the foods you choose to eat. How you eat reflects how you live. Let us take as an example of how you choose to eat. I never have time to eat, you eat meals in the leg, because I think there is no time to the moods eating properly. Instead, think of how much time you deserve it and how many things you really want to include in your life. If you do not believe that you deserve half an hour to eat it like a man, that he takes you to consume even one chocolate, that says a lot about how much solids in your daily life.

Nothing will change if we do not stop turning your life over the ideal weight. For the number you see on the scale, putting their hand and exercise that you may not do, the period soon to come, even the mild water because he was thirsty too!

Regular No. 2: you must understand that the loss of excess weight is not everything (it's just a good start).

Being impossible, does not mean that you and happy. In the world there are many rich, weak and famous who are alone as if the reeds on the plain. Let that there are still more women who have lost pounds and have returned again to their thicker version a few months later, simply because the pounds did not bring happiness!

Acne: a teenage problem that plagues and adults

Can our minds to acne is another problem of adolescence, but many are also those adults who suffer from it even in advanced age. See why acne is caused mainly that treated.

Having tried the treatment of nail fungus vinegar, many have not returned to traditional methods. For the treatment produced a weak solution, which includes the usual devyatiprotsentny vinegar and water. Take the proportion of one part vinegar to eight parts water. Persons male recommended because https://www.parolesdartistes.net of the greater thickness of the nail on one part vinegar to take three to four parts water. Before processing solution feet thoroughly steamed in a basin of hot water. Then remove rough skin of the feet, cut off the affected part of the nail fungus (as possible). The skin must be removed, because it is often accompanied by a nail fungus skin fungus. Feet dipped into the finished vinegar solution, with carefully wiped the nails and the skin between the toes. The procedure commit every two days. The course is seven procedures

Except teenage acne may occur during the neonatal and infancy. The percentage of people suffering from any form of acne is approaching 80%. Men have more serious form of the disease, while the acne seems to last longer in women. The average duration of the disease is 4-5 years, while a significant proportion can last much longer.

It appears in areas where sebaceous glands are the most activity, namely the face, back chest shoulders.

The pathogenesis of the disease is not entirely clear, though the prevailing view is that at least four factors contribute in genetically predisposed individuals to develop. These factors are:

When inflammation is very extensive results in scarring.

It should be noted that there is a genetic background for the onset of acne. A large percentage of patients, about 50% reported that at least one of his parents had acne in his youth. Heredity seems to also affects disease severity.

Heredity seems to also affects disease severity.

Other factors that adversely affect the course of acne are: endocrinopathies with hyperandrogenism hormones (polycystic ovaries, certain drugs like corticosteroids, anabolic, anti-epileptics, anti-tuberculosis, lithium, etc.

Other factors that adversely affect the course of acne are: endocrinopathies with hyperandrogenism hormones (polycystic ovaries, certain drugs like corticosteroids, anabolic, anti-epileptics, anti-tuberculosis, lithium, etc.

Acne depending on the morphology and the number of elements divided into light, moderate and heavy. The patient presents comedones and few inflammatory elements suffering from light acne. He presented many comedones, papules and pustules, suffering from mild form of acne. While patients presenting vesicles, nodules and cysts, they suffer severe disease. Severe acne is refractory, persistent, with a long duration and at the in resolution can leave unsightly scars.

Severe acne is refractory, persistent, with a long duration and at the in resolution can leave unsightly scars.

One particular form of acne may occur during the neonatal or infancy. The lesions consist of sparse comedones and vlatidoflyktanidia found in the nose or cheeks. Usually subside within three months. The occurrence of acne, in these groups, attributed to stimulation of sebaceous glands by androgenic mother through placental circulation.



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